Video Tutorial – Style your Muse Google Maps with custom styles

Adobe Muse Tutorial - Style your Muse maps

Video Tutorial – Style your Muse Google Maps with custom styles

Add custom colors and icons to Muse maps with SnazzyMaps

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Comments (4)

  • Siong Wie

    when I go to and select the map which I want, I could not the button of copy code to clipboard, and when I select all the script and paste to the area, it cannot paste all the code in the field

    2017 June 28 at 8:23 am
    • Muse_Shop_Net

      Hi Siong Wie, maybe try with a different browser, you should be able to copy the code.

      2017 June 30 at 7:08 pm
  • Maria

    Hello Dragan, you mentioned in your Newsletter from June, 28th that: Our updated SnazzyMaps widgets including the SnazzyMaps and SnazzyMaps Ultimate widgets now support Google API integration, “and our video tutorials explain how to do it.” Couldn’t found any explanation how to deal with getting the Google API key?? Can you help in anyway? Does the registry causes costs at Google? And how can I deal with an actual problem building a website for a customer where I have 10 different Google Maps for 10 different companies. How could I generate for each of them API’s??? Need help. Thank you.

    2018 August 8 at 3:26 pm

      Hi Maria,

      To start with an opening joke, if we were talking in 2030 I would start by “Remember when Gmail was free?”.

      Good questions. As Google imposed this to all of us, the best thing when working with clients is to firstly let them know about the situation with Google maps. The Google Maps platform requires you to give credit card details but you can have a certain number of API calls (the times people see a map on your website) for free (around $200 or $300 worth per month). You will need to do your own calculations, which you can do in the Google Cloud Platform console (you can see how much a certain API key is spending per month). In other words, if the map is on a website that has smaller number of visitors it will probably end up being free (but I wouldn’t trust a corporation such as Google, they might again make you feel comfortable enough to rely on them, or even worse, depend on them, and then start asking for money for something that was free) and, on the other side, if it’s a website visited by a lot of people it will start costing upwards of $200-$300 per month, for every month where the free limit was crossed.

      To get back to your relationship with your clients regarding this. NEVER create an API key as you for your client, always let them know about the situation (that maps aren’t free anymore and that if they plan on having thousands of visits monthly, they should be aware of possible costs related to their maps). API key and Google Map costs should fall upon your clients, as do costs of domain name registration, renewal, and hosting etc.

      To conclude, you need to research this by yourself then politely let you previous, current and future clients about the situation and, if they choose to use Google Maps, require an API key from them.

      I hope this helps
      — D

      2018 August 20 at 10:16 pm

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