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Create rich image posts when sharing on Facebook

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Facebook Rich Previews Muse Widget

Facebook** Muse widget lets you create rich Facebook posts when sharing a website created in Adobe Muse. This is one of our SEO Essentials Adobe Muse Widgets.

Rich Posts Instead of Empty Ones

When sharing a Muse built web page Facebook will display an ugly empty url and if you’re lucky it will pick a random image from your website. but not any more! With Facebook Rich Previews Adobe Muse widget by MuseShop.net you will generate beautiful images on Facebook. You can choose any image you like and even add a custom title and description as well as sign the post as your website.

Style your social branding like a pro

Having a beautiful Adobe Muse website is not enough, this widget allows you to finish the design where it matters the most, on Facebook!

Widget Features

  • Create rich image posts on Facebook
  • Easy to install
  • Powerful social tool for Muse websites
  • Choose a custom Facebook image for you Muse pages
  • Add a custom title for Facebook
  • Create unique page descriptions
  • Mobile friendly
  • Unlimited Use
  • Video tutorial
  • In-depth instructions
  • Dedicated support
  • Free updates*
  • Skill Level: Beginner

**© Facebook – All rights reserved. Facebook logo is a registered trademark of Facebook.