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Create custom maps, add 100 locations on a single map. The ultimate map solution is here!

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Snazzy Maps Ultimate – Multiple Locations Custom Muse Maps Widget

Build Unlimited Map Styles. Add hundred locations on a single map. Snazzy Maps Ultimate is here! And it’s responsive!

The best custom maps widget on the market

Add up to 100 locations, create unlimited color styles, use our premium custom map icons and style the info windows that link to anywhere you like. With modern, minimal design and superior functionality it offers, Snazzy Maps Ultimate Muse widget is the most comprehensive and best maps solution on the market! It’s also one of our Popular Muse Widgets.

Multiple locations on one map!

This makes a perfect solution if you’re working on a professional project for a client that has their business located on multiple locations. With support for up to 100 map locations, Snazzy maps Ultimate Muse widget is perfect for chain stores, chain restaurants, for presenting real-estate, important locations, beaches, clubs, gyms, cultural objects, museums, schools … the possibilities are endless!

Completely redesigned info window

The info window just got a major design upgrade! We’ve designed a custom info window where you can add a custom image for each location, any text you like such as business hours and descriptions as well as a custom link if you need to link outside your site.

Style your Muse website Google Maps to match your site

Snazzy Maps Muse Widget lets you style Google Maps using the awesome Snazzy Maps map styles. We have carefully picked the best styles for you plus you can use ANY other custom style you want or create.

36 Awesome templates plus Unlimited custom styles

You get 36 carefully picked map templates (see them live) and if that isn’t good enough for you, you can create your own map style or pick any other custom map on SnazzyMaps.com and use it with our widget.

Custom image for each location

Outstanding solution for quick previewing locations, shops, real-estate, beaches, restaurants. Nothing does it better than a custom image.

Zoom levels, zoom centering plus enable zoom control

You have full control over the map zoom levels so you can fine-adjust the map to display your location at its best. Zoom centering lets you set the center of the map so it can show as many of your locations as you want. Enable Zoom helps you control whether or not you want your map to be “scrollable”. You know that Google Maps zoom in/out when you scroll on top of them and this can sometimes be annoying, especially with full width maps. With our Snazzy Maps Ultimate Muse Widget you control whether you’ll let the map take over your scroll or you’ll let the website scroll over the map.

Map Markers PRO icon collection

You can insert your own custom map marker icon and on top of that we’ve even designed a collection of custom map icons. Easily load your company logo as a map icon and add that professional branding feel to your map design.

Widget Features

  • Unlimited map styles
  • Multiple locations map Muse widget
  • Up to 100 locations on one map
  • Map Markers PRO icon collection included
  • Custom styles for info windows
  • Style your Google maps to suit your brand
  • Custom description for all locations
  • Fully responsive
  • 36 Templates built-in in the widget
  • Custom image for all locations
  • Zoom levels control
  • Enable/disable in map zoom/scroll
  • Custom map marker icons
  • Full width maps
  • Fixed width maps
  • Responsive width maps
  • Custom hyperlink for all locations
  • Advanced setting controls
  • Fully customizable
  • Unlimited Use
  • Video tutorial
  • Dedicated support
  • Free updates*
  • Skill Level: Intermediate