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Awesome animated skill bars / progress bars Muse widget pack lets you turn any muse object into Skill Bars and comes with 7 beautiful ready-made templates!

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Animated Skill Bars / Progress Bars Muse Widget

This is a multipurpose collection of professionally designed clean and modern animated skill bars / animated progress bars pack.

  • Responsive
  • 7 Templates Included
  • Bar Designs Included
  • Unlimited Use
  • Multi-directional Bars
  • Works Instantly on multiple breakpoints!
  • Dark & Light Templates

The widget is multi-breakpoints ready which means all our templates will adjust to 5 different layouts and work perfectly on ALL devices.

Show off your stats and interesting numbers with Adobe Muse Animated Skill Bars collection. Present websites to your clients with confidence with this simple and effective addition for every great website.

The Skill Bars come with in-depth instructions so even beginner level users could understand.

Present websites to your clients with confidence with this simple and effective addition for every great website.

This is one of the most popular and most wanted Adobe Muse Widgets. Animated Skill Bars / Progress Bars are a must-have widget if you’re planning on designing a modern website.

7 Beautiful Ready-made Animated Skill Bars Templates Included!

With beautiful color shcemes you get 7 awesome pre-designed skill bars / progress bars Muse templates which you can instantly use! And you can use the widget itself to turn ANY muse object into a skill bars and you can create unlimited skill bars.

Easy to setup, the animation will start playing when user scrolls to it. It won’t play while it’s not in the viewing area. See LIVE DEMO

The widget lets you turn any Muse object (like rectangles) into a fully customized animated skill bar. You set the skill bars directions, animation duration, animation delay and you get to keep all your customizations.

Want to use the skill bars without any setup? Why not! There are 7 skill bars templates, designed as ready-made website sections that will let you instantly integrate the skill bars muse widget with a simple drag and drop.

Our Animated Skill Bars Muse widget is smart and once you drag it onto your website, even if it is responsive, it will automatically work! It will create new breakpoints that are compatible with ALL MuseShop.net themes and widgets.

So grab a copy of Animated Skill Bars Muse Widget and start showing your stats with style!

Widget Features

  • Responsive
  • 7 Templates Included
  • Multi Directional (right, left, up and down)
  • Bar Designs Included (for building custom sections)
  • Unlimited Use
  • Works Instantly
  • Dark & Light Templates
  • Works on ALL Muse objects
  • Animated
  • Extensive Documentation
  • Multi Breakpoint Design
  • Auto Breakpoints!
  • Adjustable animation duration
  • Adjustable animation delay
  • Video Tutorial
  • Dedicated Support
  • Free Updates*
  • Skill Level: Beginner