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We bring PARALLAX back to Muse Responsive with Parallax Backgrounds Widget, create awesome 3D Parallax Backgrounds that react to your mouse!

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3 reviews for 3D Parallax Backgrounds Muse Widget

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    Great widget!

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    looove it!

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Create stunning multi-layered 3D backgrounds that react to mouse movement

This widget adds new functionality to Adobe Muse and lets you create awesome moving multi-layered backgrounds that react to mouse movement and create a 3D parallax effect. Create 3D Parallax Backgrounds on your Muse projects with ease and take your website to the next level! This unique Muse Widget is exclusively available on

  • Responsive
  • Unique Effect
  • Parallax Widget
  • Bestseller!


Turn your backgrounds into awesome 3D Parallax Effect

Insert up to 6 individual backgrounds on your main banner and combine them into an awesome 3D PARALLAX effect!

The images on your 3D background move at different speeds and react to your mouse movement. You have complete control over the widget and you can create unlimited 3D scenes.

This responsive widget is one of the most incredible hero effects you can insert into your Muse websites! Widget comes with full support and complete video tutorial. See the live demo now!

Advanced Options let you choose individual behaviors for each of the backgrounds, whether or not the images follow your mouse pointer or move away from in (inverse movement) and more. Use this revolutionary widget to immerse your site visitors into an Awesome 3D experience.

Build your 3D scene by stacking images one on top of the other starting from background and then by adding the objects that will be animated by the movement of the mouse.

Widget Features

  • Responsive
  • Animated
  • Extensive Documentation
  • 6 Layers Available
  • Editable Layer Speeds
  • Inverse Image Movement Option
  • Adjustable animation easing
  • Most Wanted Widget!
  • Parallax Effect
  • 3D Custom Effect
  • Video Tutorial
  • Dedicated Support
  • Free Updates*
  • Skill Level: Intermediate