The membership price is very affordable, what’s the deal?

No deal, that’s the price! You can always spread the word if you like our pricing.
We want to make it possible for designers and freelancers to access some of the most powerful tools for web design and at a price they can afford.
Instead of putting big bucks into advertising and charging our members more, we believe that the best advertising is the quality of our templates and widgets as well as the recommendations from our members so, if you like our stuff, let your people know.
Our Sign-up $49 fee gives you instant access to our entire library of products and the $10 / month gives you a continued access to all the new cool stuff we create every following month, and as long as you actively renew your Membership every month you don’t have to pay for the Sign-up fee ever again. From our experience, great Muse designs will get you more clients and Premium Templates and Widgets we create will give you the edge over competition and land you more projects than you can imagine so a long lasting membership with us will do good things for you and for us! Everybody happy 🙂