Your subscription to Membership needs to be renewed manually. Before the end of the one month period since you signed-up or since your latest renewal, you will receive a renewal order email. It is recommended that you renew as soon as you receive the renewal order email, by clicking on ‘Renew my Subscription’ button. Also, the recommended way is to use your desktop computer while renewing.

Easy, all our items are numbered (e.g. V1.0.4) where the higher number means newer version. You can always check the version of a particular item on the item page. Simply visit our shop and browse or search for the item you want to check for updates, open the item page and scroll down near the bottom of the page to where it says “Update History”. There you’ll find all the needed information about the version of the item and what improvements have been made.

Simply double-click on the .mulib file, it will open Muse and the widget will appear in the “Library” panel.

This is how Adobe Muse updates the widgets (not the best procedure in our opinion). We are working hard to follow the browsers and Muse as they evolve and we do this by regularly updating our widgets. You need the latest version of our widgets to ensure they will work on the latest Muse version and latest browser versions. Because Muse will simply add the updated widget as the new one instead of updating the actual widget, the best practice is to first delete the old version of the widget you are about to install (delete it inside Muse, not on your computer) and then install the updated version. Our widget updates are numbered so you can easily know if you have the latest version.

Header and footer content is usually located on the master pages. Master pages are located on the bottom when in plan mode. To find out more about Master Pages visit Adobe Muse Forum and search for Master Pages.

We are working hard to provide in-depth instructions for all of our products, widgets being the priority because of their uniqueness. In case you didn’t receive instructions with your template this means that the template you are working on requires only basic knowledge of Adobe Muse. For basic information about working in Adobe Muse you can visit Adobe Muse forum and for some of the standard tips on how to install custom elements like Icon Fonts you can watch our Video Tutorials which explain all of these steps. Ultimately, if you can’t find your answer you can always contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

This is a typical Adobe Muse warning and nothing to worry about. It simply means that you need to re-link the images and other custom content, in plain English, you need to tell Muse where are the images and other files located on your computer. The logic behind this is that Muse loads images, videos and other files from your computer. And since you got the template from us, this path has changed. To re-link the assets open the muse file, open any page, click on the “Assets” panel (if you don’t see it click Window and then Assets), right click on any file that has a red question mark next to it and select “Relink”, then browse on your computer to find the asset you need. Once you relink one asset, Muse will automatically relink all other assets that came with the theme.

Practically every item comes with its own instructions, detailed documentation and most of our products have video walkthroughs.
You can also contact us through “My Acoount” page, where you have access to our priority support and FAQ. Additionally, every MuseShop item has its own discussion area located at the bottom of the item page, under “Item Discussion”, where other members have shared their issues, experiences, tips and tricks.