Adobe Muse Basics

You can use our templates, widgets and other products to build personal and commercial websites with no limitations. Please note that resale or distribution is not permitted. Plain explanation is that you can deliver the exported html code to your clients which you got from our templates and widgets but you cannot share, sell, resell or distribute the actual .muse files nor the actual widget (.mulib) files and other source files. This explanation is only informative, for full terms please visit our Terms and Conditions.

All you will need is a current Adobe Muse subscription and a basic understanding of how to use Adobe Muse.

A template, or theme, is a ready-made website built using Adobe Muse, complete with graphics, fonts, widgets, and images. An Adobe Muse Template can be opened directly in Adobe Muse and users can modify any elements, as well as publish directly without writing any code.

Adobe Muse is web design software that allows you to design websites and publish them without writing code. Adobe Muse is a subscription-based service and is distributed as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud.