What is MuseShop.net

  • Founded by Muse Experts and Best Selling Authors

  • Powered by Skilltech – Acclaimed Adobe Muse Creators

  • MuseShop is created by Muse Designers for Muse Designers

  • MuseShop vision is creating professional Muse Themes and Upgrades giving Muse Designers the power of the professional Web Design Studio

MuseShop.net is an independant Adobe Muse professional content provider. Founded by Themeforest’s Best Selling Adobe Muse author and Adobe Muse expert – Dragan Milenkovic, powered by acclaimed Adobe Muse Studio – Skilltech, MuseShop.net is the new standard in Adobe Muse Templates Design and Adobe Muse Widgets Design. We deliver the most powerful Adobe Muse Templates and Widgets on the market with a goal of turning Muse into a powerful Web Design Studio.